The Dormitory is located in the PSD building at Don Fran Bulića 4, a few minute walk from the entrance to the Old City – Pile.

Dormitory address :

Don Frana Bulića 4,20000 Dubrovnik

Location on google maps :

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42° 38′ 31.862” N

18° 6′ 10.8” E

How to reach us?


Dubrovnik Airport is located 22 km from the center of Dubrovnik. Organized bus transfer to Dubrovnik is available upon arrival for each regular flight. Shuttle bus from the Atlas agency stops at Pile gate. All information about the shuttle bus can be found on the website of the agency – https://www.atlas-croatia.com/dubrovnik-shuttle-bus.


Dubrovnik Bus Station is only 3 km away from the Dormitory. From the bus station to the Dormitory you can take a taxi or public transport by bus to Pile (bus number 1A, 1B).

By car.

Gps coordinates are : 42° 38′ 31.862” N & 18° 6′ 10.8” E. There is street parking available close to Dormitory.
Lots are marked with signboards with prominent payment instructions and hourly rates. Parking can be paid on a parking machine or by mobile phone. We recommend you to park at the Public Garage located at Ilijina Glavica (Zagrebačka ulica bb). A walk through Bogišić Park or along Pero Budmani Street will take you to the entrance to the CAAS building, Dormitory, Don Frana Bulića 4 in just 5 minutes.

Dormitory address :
Don Frana Bulića 4
20000 Dubrovnik